If you’ve made it this far, you’re somewhat interested in who I am and why I love photography.  I live in Sacramento with my girlfriend. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, hiking, disc golfing, cooking... and of course eating. I grew up around photography since Polaroids. Predating digital playback, you had to shoot and see what came out of your experimentation and why one of my greatest joys is to enjoy the moments of photography. Having a great time and it shows its' truth through the images that you take.
     My love for photography was born from observing my family members shoot, and playing with their cameras as a kid. My grandfather, at my age, had a 1982 mechanical canon film camera, an assortment of valuable work horse lenses, and a drive to "get the shot"! Following in his footsteps, I bought my first professional camera as a senior in high school and slowly “developed” myself and eventually my own company. Did i mention i was gifted everything he had used!?
     You may formerly remember me as “Mr N2U” of my first company, N2U “the you we dive in to.” It was my first step towards putting myself out into the industry. In the so-called "wild" with already notarized photographers and those aspiring as well with way more experience than i had at that time.  As my business and I have matured, my current focus is on wedding and engagement photography, although I also enjoy shooting sports events- specifically high school football. My strength is portraiture which lends itself to my classic and clean style with couples and families. Between commitments I love to experiment with new photos and editing techniques as well as ethereal-themed passion projects. 
     My friendly disposition and humorous nature tends to put subjects at ease while maintaining a professional and fun working relationship. 
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